“Boris Vian Tribute”

Sunday 5 November 2017 - 16:00
Centre culturel Yves Furet - La Souterraine

For this 20th edition of Jazz a La Sout, we’ve laid on a first class finale with a rather special closing concert given by the Department Orchestra of the Creuse. Conceived as a big wind orchestra it is now celebrating 30 years under the direction of Thierry Bourguignon. The programme is very much up to the mark paying hommage to the unforgettable writer-trumpeter-engineer-jazz master Boris Vian of whom Henri Salvador said « He was a jazz fanatic, he lived only for jazz, listened to and spoke only jazz » and of course of his idol Duke Ellington !

In co-production with the Community of Communes Monts and Valleys West Creuse and in partnership with the Commune of La Souterraine