CONFERENCE “The language of drums-jazz”

Sunday 15 October 2017 - 11:00

Telling the history of jazz drums is one thing, but recreating it in the moment is another, but Guillaume Nouaux is very skillful in achieving this. Whether you are a musician or not, a music lover or simply curious, this conference will be an opportunity for you to discover and learn about the origins of the drums, the role of the drummer in a jazz orchestra, the evolution of techniques of play ... all these fundamentals which are today the basis of the language of the jazz drums. One thing is certain, after this conference you should never hear the percussion again in the same way!

Originally from Arcachon, Guillaume Nouaux is unanimously recognized by his peers and the musical press as one of the best drummers of the European classical jazz scene.

In co-production with the Community of Communes CIATE Bourganeuf Royère de Vassivière and CMF Limousin. In partnership with the Municipal Band of Bourganeuf